Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Grind Cafe

    Recently, I visited a coffee shop with a good friend of mine for an early dinner. I had gone there once before for a quick iced latte, but had only glanced at their menu. This time around, we sat down and enjoyed the food they offered from a list of choices. I was definitely surprised to see the huge selection of sandwiches they had... after all, it is a coffee shop.
    The scenery was a cozy theme, with a brick accent wall where they had set up the microphone for live music, various creative paintings, and wall lamps next to each table. We chose to enjoy our meal on a comfy couch in the corner with a view of the whole place.
I ordered the mozzarella caprese panini, which was delicious! We also got pumpkin spice macarons. Autumn is arriving quickly, so we figured it was only right! haha
    The Grind Cafe is an excellent place to visit for a quick bite to eat, and it's never been too crowded from the times I've stopped by. I will certainly be back again soon!