Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Little Clothing Haul

     Since it doesn't get that chilly during the winter season where I'm from, I can still walk around in a tank top paired with a light cardigan. When I go on short mall trips and have time to stop by Love Culture, I always head straight to the back corner where the sales racks are. I have looked around the store before, but the clothes I seem to like most are always in that corner. If there is a Love Culture store in your mall, I do suggest stopping in one day and looking at those racks. The prices are great, and they always have nice tops the closer it gets to winter. This is where I picked up the pink and yellow tops. They are both so soft and comfy to wear! Yes, the polka dotted one is a mustard yellow color which I wasn't too sure about at first, but you can't judge a piece of clothing when it's on a hanger. I tried it on and loved how it looked. It also made me happy, because I was thinking I needed more yellow shirts at the time, and then I found this. The pink top has such a lovely pattern on it and would look great with black jeans and short boots. I was also very excited to find the white and black sweater. I had seen a similar one (but cropped) online from another store but sadly, they were sold out. Finding it among the color-coated racks of the clothes made me thrilled! I stopped in here for a very short time due to the fact that I was with a friend and our ride was waiting outside, but we had spent all of our time in one store, so our solution was to run into Love Culture for 5 minutes and then go into Bath & Body Works for 2 minutes (I might share what scents I'm currently loving from that store in the near future as I do have a slight obsession with B&BW (; ). And by run, I mean we actually ran.
     The other shop I went to (we walked into this one, haha) was H&M. I absolutely love this store.. it's one of my favorites! I especially like how they always have nice blouses and pretty collared-shirts every time I go there. This time around, I was focusing on my need for sweaters, since I have one or two in my closet and I'm traveling someplace cold for Thanksgiving break. At H&M, there were stacks of sweaters on the and sweatshirts piled high at almost every table, which was very convenient. There was a sweatshirt that said "very bien" on it (meaning: very good) which was extremely soft. The other top is a maroon colored sweater to wear with high-waisted jeans. I can never get enough of this color!